Oshkosh 2006

    Dave flew this magnificent Corsair to Oshkosh.

    Awarded Best Fighter

    Goodyear FG-1D Corsair
    Provenance Fighter Sales
    Murrietta, CA
    Epic Jet

    Dave's been up to the Epic
    Aircraft factory in Bend,
    Oregon to start the test
    program on the new Epic Jet.

    Be sure to stop by the Epic
    booth at Oshkosh to see this
    beautiful new entry in the
    business jet market.

Epic Aircraft website

    Sun N Fun 2006

    Dave flew this magnificent Spitfire to Sun N Fun.

    Awarded Best Fighter
    Sun N Fun 2007

    Dave flew this magnificent Mustang to Florida for

    Tempus Fugit is a rare dual control TF-5151 that will
    race in the Unlimited Class at the National Championship
    Air Races at Stead, NV in September.

First flight for the Turbine Toucan with Dave at the controls
click to see flight
Dave did the first flight on Oscar Taylor's new
Taylor Speed Star in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Speed Star started life as an Aerostar and
now has a Garrett 800HP Turboprop engine.

See this elegant new airplane at Oshkosh!
Dave flew this beautifully restored Skyraider at
Bill Klaer's new facility in Colorado. The photo
below shows the original Skyraider in Viet Nam.
Work 2
Work 3