Reno 2015 marked Dave's 35th year competing at the National Championship Air Races. He raced Beautiful Doll a Stewart
Mustng in Sport Class. Dave finished Reno 2015 with 238 races, more than any other pilot in the history of Reno Air Racing.
Thank You to all the fans who come out and support the Air Races. Without you, it wouldn't happen.

    Polar Bear Goes Air Racing
    by Karen Morss

    Rare North American 'A' model Mustang turns the pylons

    Just going to the National Championship Air Races is a kick -
    10 days in the desert at one of the world's premier aviation events -
    but to take a rare World War II Mustang to race, well that's
    something special. Read the story.

       Prop failure video from Reno 1991 Lancair IV

    We came across this footage recently while preparing for the NAG
    Annual Meeting and Banquet where Dave was the guest speaker.

    Experience Adds Up

    Reno 2007 marks Dave's 27th year of racing at the National
    Championship Air Races. He is now the most experienced racer in
    the history of the air races. See who made the top ten!

    The Sound of September
    by Karen Morss

    You greet September with mixed emotions when your husband is a
    race pilot. It’s time for the Reno National Championship Air Races,
    where the best of the best match their skills for eight grueling days
    in the desert.  Read a story by the racer's wife
    Carbon Dreams: A week in the life of Reno Racing
    by Karen Morss

    Do you believe in race angels? I do - and at the
    37th National Championship Air Races, held at
    Stead Field in Reno, Nevada, (Sept. 2000)
    I had plenty of opportunity to see them at work,
    up close and personal in the Sport Class races.  
    Read a behind the scene report...
Jet Race video tribute to
Rocky Stewart click on jet
Sport Class Silver 03 video
click on airplane
Prop failure at Reno 91
click on plane

    Polar Bear Races again and wins the Bronze
    by Karen Morss

    Gerry Gabe and his team had such a good time racing Polar Bear,
    a rare P51 A-model Mustang, last year that he decided to do it
    again. But like most air racing efforts, nothing comes easy.
    Read the story.

    Racing L39 Jets at Reno in the National Championship Air
    Races…eight heart-thumping days you won’t soon forget!  
    by Karen Morss, a racer’s wife

    Gentlemen, you have a race.

    There’s something about the angle of the sunlight in September. A
    shimmering haze fills the air and you know why they call this the
    Golden Valley. I take a deep breath as I exit Highway 395 at Stead
    Airfield. A drive through the Sierras is good for the soul. Helps put
    things in perspective to prepare me for the week ahead. My
    husband races at Reno. This is his 27th year of competition and
    he has more laps on the course, in more types of planes, than
    anyone in the history of air racing. Over 200,000 people attend
    the races and make it a primary fundraiser for Reno’s non-profit
    organizations. And it’s no wonder. For sheer thrills and adrenaline,
    there is nothing like the National Championship Air Races – the
    world’s fastest motor sport. But this is an unforgiving sport and
    even though I don’t dwell on it, I’ve seen too many men die here.

 Read the story.
Air Racer  

    Reno 2011
    A Racers wife's perspective
    by Karen Morss

    This was Dave’s 31st year racing at Reno and my 16th with him. I
    teased him last week that he had done more Reno’s with me than
    without, which he found hard to believe. I take that as a
    compliment that our time together is passing quickly.
    Read the story.

    Reno 2013 - A Report from Race 99
    by Karen Morss

    Me: What time are you leaving tomorrow, Dave?
    Dave: Wheels up, 7am.
    Me: Isn't that a little early?
    Dave: Are you kidding me? There are seven planes there already.

    Read the story.

     Reno 2015 - A Report from Race 70
     by Karen Morss

     Dave raced Beautiful Doll, a Stewart Mustang S51, who made her
     debut with a win in the Bronze Race on Sunday. Go Dave, Go Doll!

Read the story.

     Watch the video.